Basics skills in devising theatre

Basic skills in devising performance
Copyright: Ms. Lauren Hart

With theatre maker and performer Lauren Hart and acting trainer Alex Casadio

Have you ever wanted to create you own performance but have no idea where to start? Devising a piece of theatre can be an exciting and inspiring journey. Develop a performance which is a fusion of the uniqueness and creativity of the group. Instant Theatre Berlin offers you a new two-day workshop in devising theatre, giving you the opportunity to create your own theatre performance from scratch.

You will learn the basic skills needed in devising theatre performances. We will begin our journey with a stimulus, a selection of scripts chosen and brought by the participants. The themes and content from the scripts will be used as an inspiration to create a completely new performance. Performances will be made in collaboration with the other members of the group and guided by the trainers.

The workshop will feature physical and vocal exercises from various training methods. You will be given the chance to work in a variety of groups and to be part of the creation process led by experienced Theatre maker and performer Lauren Hart (This is mine. What’s yours? , My head is an animal) and Actor trainer Alex Casadio.

The workshop will end with a sharing of short performances which will be filmed and participants will be given a copy at the end.

Participants are required to bring along a 10 to 15 line monologue chosen from a contemporary published play written after 1950. Please choose a monologue that resonates with you! You must learn the text and bring a copy with you to the workshop. Monologues will be used as inspiration for and might not be used in the performance sharing. Guidance can be provided if required. Just get in contact!

Example of suitable Monologues

‘Closer’ By Patrick Marber Character: Larry

‘Crave’ by Sarah Kane: Character: A

‘My name is Rachel Corrie’ by Rachel Corrie Character Rachel

‘Blackbird’ By David Harrower Character: Una

This weekend workshop will consist of 12 hours teaching over two days. This course is aimed at anyone interested in devising theatre and creating their own work. No prior experience is required! Classes will take place in English.

Date: 19 & 20 November 2016
Time: 10 am -4.30 pm
Location: Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Price: 75€

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