FILM ACTING TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP with Ms. Aleta Chappelle February 24-25, 2018

Ms. Aleta Chappelle
Director & Casting Director Aleta Chappelle

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Ms. Aleta Chappelle is returning to Berlin to teach her internationally acclaimed Film Acting Technique Workshops in English. These intensive workshops are designed for professional actors who want to refine and tune their ON CAMERA skills. Each Workshop is limited to 10 Actors maximum.
In addition, she is teaching an ADVANCED Film Acting Workshop. It is open to actors who sign up for both days AND Actors who have attended her workshops before.
Please note the EXCITING NEW FORMAT for the Advanced Workshop only. The monologues will NOT be filmed during the Workshop, they will be scheduled for filming on the following days. Then Ms. Chappelle and her Camera/Sound Assistant will devote ONE HOUR to filming each Actor’s 2 minute long monologue on LOCATION (a restaurant, in the Park, walking down the street, etc.).  Filming the monologues away from the workshop space will allow the monologues to have a more professional look.


Ms. Chappelle’s complete biography:

Part #1 Workshop Format: (Some Spots STILL AVAILABLE! Get in contact HERE and register ASAP!)

Preparation: In advance the Actors must prepare a 2 minute long monologue to present during the workshop. It should be memorized and it can be comic or dramatic, from a film or a play, something they have performed before or new material. This will be a very important part of the overall workshop, with each actor performing the monologue ON CAMERA multiple times.

1) Open discussion: The difference between STAGE and FILM acting. What Casting Directors are looking for during AUDITIONS. How best to move your acting career forward.

2) Warm-ups for the BODY (stretching and breathing) and the MIND (improvisation games).

3) Actors perform their monologue ON CAMERA. This allows for evaluation of each Actor’s FILM ACTING skills on an individualized basis. They are then coached toward areas that need improvement.

4) COLD READING skills are refined. Actors are given a few minutes to study short scenes from FILM SCRIPTS with a scene partner. Then both actors perform the scene ON CAMERA.

5) The monologues are performed ON CAMERA, reflecting the newly expanded FILM ACTING skills. After multiple takes, the raw footage is sent to the actor (via Dropbox) for their personal library or acting reel.

Part # 2 Workshop Format: 

(FULL!! Only Waiting list available. Get in contact HERE to get on the waiting list)

(OPEN to actors who have taken the Workshops before OR actors already enrolled in the Part #1 Workshop – for a total of two days):

1) Open discussion: What Directors want from actors ON SET. The status of the international casting market. How best to move your acting career forward.

2) Unlike the Part #1 Workshop the monologues will be assigned to each actor by Ms. Chappelle a few days before the workshop. The roles will be chosen based on her past experience of working with each actor in previous workshops (students taking both workshops will use the same monologue from part #1 in the part #2 workshop). Monologues are performed and refined with notes given.

3) In the Scene Study portion of the Advanced Workshop, actors are assigned highly challenging scenes to perform ON CAMERA with a scene partner. Shifting the focus of the workshop toward developing raw, authentic performances beyond what is written on the page, by using Improvisation to dive deeper into the character, while at the same time following ON CAMERA acting rules.

4) Actors will rehearse the monologues during the workshop again, notes are given. The schedule and location for the one hour of filming on Monday or Tuesday will be worked out between Ms. Chappelle and each of the 10 actors participating in the Advanced Workshop on an individual basis.

Ms. Aleta Chappelle - Casting
A collection of films cast by Ms. Chappelle

Part #1: Saturday, February 24th, 11:00 to 17:00 (11am to 5pm) – 6 HOURS TOTAL – (Some Spots STILL AVAILABLE! Get in contact HERE and register ASAP!)


Part #2: Sunday, February 25th, 11:00 to 17:00 (11am to 5pm) – 6 HOURS TOTAL
***Plus the ONE Hour for filming the Monologue – scheduled the following Monday or Tuesday ONLY***

800A Berlin , Stettiner Strasse 19, 13357 Berlin


Part #1 = 140€ (6 hours) on Saturday – (Some Spots STILL AVAILABLE! Get in contact HERE and register ASAP!)

Part #2 = 140€ (6 hours) on Sunday + 1 hour for filming the monologues (on Monday or Tuesday ONLY) – ((FULL!! Only Waiting list available. Get in contact HERE to get on the waiting list))

Part #1 and #2 =  260€

(MAXIMUM enrollment 10 Actors each day)

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-Saturday Workshop
-Sunday Advanced Workshop
-Or both Workshops