Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent educational project based on acting, creativity and group activities. Active since 2013, the project is based on an original training method centered on self-expression, interactions and behavioural awareness.

Instant Theatre Berlin’s mission is to provide a ground for everyone to experiment with themselves and their personalities. The purpose of of all Instant Theatre courses and projects is exploring interactions, expression and communication through acting activities.

Instant Theatre projects include acting courses and seminars, improvisation classes, intensive workshops as well as training for companies and professionals. Instant Theatre method uses acting and interactions to address multiple aspects of personal development. Through Instant Theatre acting and training, the participants improve and expand on many areas of themselves, such as coordination, self-awareness, communication, self-discipline, self-expression, creativity and the ability to understand and trust group dynamics.

Instant Theatre was created in Berlin as a result of many different experiences and influences. The participants come from all over the world and each one of them adds a little piece of unicity and cultural awareness to the project.

Instant Theatre Berlin is very proud to be an international meeting point and a place to connect people in a multicultural city. The activities are usually conducted in English.

Purpose and influences

Creativity and self discovery inspire all Instant Theatre Berlin activities. Instant Theatre’s main purpose is to get participants in touch with their full expressive potential, and acting is used as a powerful instrument to get out of our usual boundaries in a refreshing, personal and funny way. Movement and voice, along with rhythm activities, clowning, behavioural and acting techniques are the main subjects of our training sessions and rehearsals.

At Instant Theatre, actors discover new aspects of their personality and their technique by interacting with the group, with the audience and with their inner world. A fundamental aspect of Instant Theatre is teamwork: being a fully interactive discipline, acting is treated as a collective process of creation, where the participants discover their individuality by being in constant contact with the others.

Many acting techniques used originate from the “classical” Stanislavski principles, while many practical exercises and training routines come from different areas (rhythm and music, yoga, cognitive science, sports). Exercises and activities are constantly refined and tailored to the needs of the different situations and environments. Instant Theatre teaching style gives actors a lot of space for creative freedom and explorations, empowering them through a strong connection with the group. Instant Theatre projects are an opportunity of growth and exchange for people of all ages, cultures and disciplinary areas.

Projects and activities

Instant Theatre creates acting courses, intensive workshops and classes based on self-expression and group activities. A complete acting course usually involves 8-10 participants and lasts 2-3 months. Most classes end with an open performance in a Berlin theatre or art venue. The main focus and purposes of the courses are always defined before the start, while the style of the performances emerge naturally during the group work.

Instant Theatre also organizes short intensive workshops dedicated to the exploration of other acting-related disciplines, like voice development, movement, yoga, clowning, mime. Many times Instant Theatre hosts external teachers and collaborators, in order to expand on the technical aspects of a discipline, while keeping Instant Theatre method as a connector for the activities.
Here on the website you can get a detailed description of all upcoming theatre projects. Instant Theatre Berlin is constantly evolving, but our keywords are always the same: exploration, imagination, discovery.

Trainers & Collaborators


Alex Casadio, acting trainer and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin.  A trained actor and musician born in Bologna, Italy, over the years he worked with hundreds of actors, students and professionals. He’s constantly refining his own teaching method focused on helping people discover more of themselves, their personalities and their potential. Alex founded Instant Theatre Berlin in 2013 and he’s active as an acting trainer, theatre director and performer in the Berlin scene.


Marcelina Bozek, theatre educator, actress and performer. Born in 1985 in Poland, she’s got her Master’s Degree in humanistic studies with a thesis about the “Theater of Absurd”. She runs theater workshops, performs as an independent artist, and works for art/music festivals in the production team. Her interest as an artist is to break the rules of typical dramatic theater by implementing physical theater’s methods to the stage work process.

Performer Josef Mehling

Josef Mehling, German/American actor and theater maker from San Francisco. He studied theater at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He has trained at the Moscow Art Theater and with Bread & Puppet Theatre, and has experience performing in classical, physical, and puppet theater. Since 2014 has been devised theater. He wrote and performed a solo piece, “This is Torture,” at the English Theater Berlin’s Expat Expo in 2015. He collaborated on and performs in Spielraum Kollektiv’s production “Relax NOW!”, which premiered at Archa Theater in Prague September 2016.

trainer and actress Ariane Fuchs

Ariane Fuchs, half German half American, has a BA in Theatre/Performance from University of Hawai’i and a MSc in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy from QMU Edinburgh. She is also a trained bodyworker and language teacher. Combining all these skills as an acting coach her main focus is on the authentic, personalized, expressive integration of body, mind and voice. Ariane is influenced by various movement practices such as Yoga, different forms of Dance, Qi Gong, Authentic Movement, and practitioners/theorists such as Rudolf Laban, Gabrielle Roth, and Jerzy Grotowski to name a few.

miguelMiguel Santomé, theatre writer, director and improvisational actor.




Director and performer Jahman DavineJahman Davine is an Australian born theatre maker working between Melbourne, Australia and Berlin. Having graduated from the National Theatre Drama School as an actor, he has performed for film and theatre. He works most with writing, directing and designing for theater/dance productions. Jahman also acts as a creative consultant for several playwrights, performers, recording artists and theatre and film directors. www.jahmandavine.com