Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

Our Story


The Actors Circle Berlin
“The Cherry Orchard” by The Actors Circle Berlin, 2019

Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project based on stage acting, creativity and group activities. Active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany, the project uses an original training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour. At Instant Theatre Berlin we teach acting as a useful interpersonal skill that allows actors to discover new sides of their personality and new creative ways of interacting with others. Instant Theatre Berlin’s mission is to provide a ground for everyone to experiment with themselves, their personalities, their circumstances and their emotions. Everyone can be a good actor or actress!

The purpose of all Instant Theatre Berlin courses, workshops and projects is to explore interactions, self-expression and communication using acting-related activities. Following the original teaching method developed by trainer Alex Casadio, Instant Theatre Berlin focuses on acting as a natural interpersonal skill that everyone can learn and develop. Hence our motto: “Everyone can act!“, aims to leave behind many prejudices in the acting field. Acting is NOT only for talented people, acting is NOT only for extroverted or beautiful people. Acting is an inclusive discipline that can be learned effectively by people from all ages and backgrounds. Quite literally, “everyone can act!”


Instant Theatre Berlin training, 2014 – by Matthias Gottwald

Instant Theatre Berlin projects include acting courses and seminars, improvisation classes, intensive workshops as well as individual coaching and training for companies, schools and professionals. Instant Theatre Berlin method works on acting, but at the same time addresses multiple aspects of personal development.


Through Instant Theatre Berlin acting and training, the participants improve and expand on many areas of themselves, such as coordination, self-awareness, communication, self-discipline, self-expression, creativity, trust and ability to understand group dynamics.


Instant Theatre was created in Berlin as a result of many different experiences and influences. The participants come from all over the world and each one of them adds a little piece of uniqueness and cultural awareness to the project. Instant Theatre Berlin is very proud to be an established international meeting point and a place to connect people in a multicultural city. The activities are usually conducted in English.

Purpose and influences

Creativity and self-discovery inspire all Instant Theatre Berlin activities. Instant Theatre’s main purpose is to get participants in touch with their full expressive potential, and acting is used as a powerful instrument to get out of our usual boundaries in a refreshing, personal and funny way. Behavioural and traditional acting techniques, alongside rhythm exercises, clowning, and voice exercises are the main subjects of our training sessions and rehearsals.

At Instant Theatre Berlin, actors discover new aspects of their personality and their technique by interacting with the group, with the audience and with their inner world. A fundamental aspect of Instant Theatre is teamwork: as an interactive discipline, acting is treated as a collective process of creation, where the participants discover their individuality by being in constant contact with the others.

Many of the acting techniques used originate from “classical” Stanislavsky’s principles, adjusted and updated to be effective in modern times. A variety of practical exercises and training routines come from different areas (rhythm and music, yoga, cognitive science, sports). Exercises and activities are constantly refined and tailored to the needs of the different groups and participants. Instant Theatre Berlin teaching style gives actors a lot of space for creative freedom and explorations, empowering them and teaching them to always be focused on the present moment. Instant Theatre Berlin projects are an opportunity of growth and exchange for people of all ages, cultures and disciplinary areas.

A video introduction about the basics of ACTING

Projects and activities

Instant Theatre creates acting courses, intensive workshops and classes. The introductory courses are based on self-expression and group activities, while advanced classes combine group and individual work. A complete acting course usually involves 10-12 participants and lasts 2-3 months. Most classes end with an open public performance in a Berlin theatre or art venue. The main focus of the course is always defined before the start, while the style of the performances and the contents are decided during the sessions.

Instant Theatre Berlin also organizes short intensive workshops dedicated to the exploration of acting-related disciplines, including camera acting, movement, clowning or mime. Many times Instant Theatre Berlin invites external teachers and collaborators in order to expand on the technical aspects of a discipline, while keeping Instant Theatre Berlin method and philosophy as a connector for the activities.

Over the years of its activities, Instant Theatre Berlin also originated The Actors Circle Berlin, a network of ex-students and actors based in Berlin that produce new theatre productions in English every year. Here on the website you can get a detailed description of our upcoming theatre courses and projects. Instant Theatre Berlin is constantly evolving, but our keywords are always the same: exploration, imagination, discovery.

Trainers and collaborators


Alex Casadio


Alessandro Casadio, acting trainer and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin. A trained actor and musician born in Bologna, Italy, over the years he worked with hundreds of actors, students and professionals. He’s constantly refining his own teaching method focused on helping people discover more of themselves, their personalities and their potential. Alex founded Instant Theatre Berlin in 2013, he co-founded the venue 800A Berlin in 2016 and he’s active as an acting trainer, theatre director and performer in the Berlin scene.


Marcelina Bozek

Theatre educator, actress and performer. Born in 1985 in Poland, she was active within Instant Theatre Berlin in the time frame 2015-2019 as an acting trainer, director and co-organizer. She currently lives and works as a screen actress, teacher and cultural operator.


Miguel Santomé

Theatre writer, director and improvisational actor from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. He worked steadily within Instant Theatre Berlin in the period 2014-2018 as an improvisation trainer and organizer and is still active as a collaborator for workshops and summer programs.