Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.



The acting book …And Acting for All by Alessandro Casadio, founder of Instant Theatre Berlin, was first released in 2018 and is available as an E-book as well as a paperback! The book covers the fundamental principles of acting and aims to make the acting discipline understandable to anyone.

In 2016, after more than a decade working in acting and theatre, I started conceiving the idea of writing a basic acting manual to put on paper the multitude of concepts I developed over the course of my teaching career, as well as to better express my idea of acting. I’ve always considered acting as a natural and beneficial activity, and in this book I wanted to narrow down a few important concepts that would allow anyone to become a good actor. In 2018, two years after my first resolution, I finally managed to publish the final version of …And Acting for All. This work is my first major contribution to acting theory. Although I keep the concepts as simple as possible, in the book I stress the fact that acting is a powerful natural creative energy that can be used in a multitude of ways, from professional stage and screen acting, to recreation, to therapy and healing. I also focus on the need for more expressive and collaborative spaces in our society. Quite literally, everyone can act. And in this book, I did my best to show how to do it.

My book …And Acting for All is available on Amazon (all countries) both as a paperpack as well as in e-book format. It will soon be available on other platforms as well. If you wish to purchase my book in bulk or you are interested in incorporating my text into a study program, as well as for any other inquiries, feel free to contact me for more information.

You can have a first look at the contents of the book …And Acting for All on Amazon just following THIS LINK.