Acting fundamentals 2019 – Summer intensive course (in English) – 2nd Edition

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Monday to Friday, July 8-July 12 2019


Instant Theatre Berlin presents the 2nd Edition of our intensive summer course aimed at exploring the fundamental acting principles. What are the basics that govern the actor’s performance? What are the 5 basic skills that an actor has to know in order to make an impression on the audience and to give reality to her performance?

This course will give you a chance to work on your stage presence in relation to other actors, your surrounding stage reality, and the audience. We will be focusing on practices that promote full body awareness and mindfulness, encouraging you to follow your internal creative impulses and “own” your performance in its full authenticity.

In each of our intensive sessions (4h/day), we will be working with practices that connect body, voice and mind, and use exercises that hone your creativity by deeply rooting your physical, mental and emotional presence in the moment. We will use scripts and dialogues to help us out in the process. Here’s the focus of the daily sessions:

Day #1: Listening
Day #2: Creation
Day #3: Emotion
Day #4: Improvisation
Day #5: Training & Presentation


Alex Casadio @instanttheatreberlin

Alex Casadio, theatre instructor and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin

Due to the variety and the structure of the activities, this class is suitable for all levels, from the more expert performers to the newcomers. The course is held in English.

Acting fundamentals 2019
5 intensive sessions (Monday to Friday July 8-12, 11am-3.30pm everyday, for a total of 20+ Hours)
Project duration: From Monday July 8 to Friday July 12, 2019
Meetings: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 11am-3.30pm
Location: 800A Berlin, Stettiner Strasse 19, 13357 Berlin
Early Bird price: 140€!!!!
Full price: 170€
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Aleta Chappelle’s Film Acting Weekend WORKSHOP and RETREAT at the Schönow Castle

JOIN US for a unique FILM ACTING Workshop and RETREAT at the SCHÖNOW CASTLE in PASSOW (only 1 hour and 28 minutes from Berlin).

Ms. Aleta Chappelle the director of the new Feature Film RED DRESS SOLILOQUY that is screening at Cannes 2019 and the hit comedy GOOSED starring Jennifer Tilly, and who is also a Award Winning Casting Director that has cast for: Francis and Sofia COPPOLA, Wim WENDERS, Martha COOLIDGE, Roland EMMERICH and more – is back to teach her Internationally acclaimed Film Acting Workshops (in English). It is designed for adult Actors who want to develop additional skills and gain more confidence ON CAMERA – ALL Acting Levels will benefit from the personalized attention Ms. Chappelle provides. See Ms. Chappelle’s credits:
Come develop more ACTING SKILLS while surrounded the beautiful German countryside, watch movies and spend the night in a beautiful CASTLE!

Here’s the Castle website (Ms. Chappelle also shot her film “Red Dress Soliloquy” there in May 2018):
Film Acting Workshop 2019
Over the weekend the Film Acting Workshop will offer 9 HOURS of FILM ACTING STUDY plus MONOLOGUE FILMING. You will also have plenty of time for fun and relaxation and we screen movies each night. The Castle offers a variety of accommodations and MEALS are INCLUDED in the room fee (see below).
3 Acting levels are offered:
ADVANCED (limit – 6 Actors) – for Actors who have taken her workshops before OR experienced Actors with multiple screen credits.
BASIC (limit – 4 Actors) – for Stage Actors and New Actors who just want more experience ON CAMERA.
OBSERVER only (limit – 4 Actors or Directors)– they will observe all the activities of the other actors in the workshop and enjoy all the group activities, screenings and meals at the Castle. This is great for people NEW to ACTING and also it’s great for DIRECTORS.
Friday evening, May, 31st – The Welcome diner and a movie.
Saturday, June 1st – 5 hours of Acting Study with free time and a movie screening at night.
Sunday, June 2nd – 4 hours of Acting Study plus Monologues filmed and more free time.

Film Acting Workshop 2019
(Actors are responsible for paying and arranging their own train or car transportation).

The Fees:
100€ – for the 9 hour Film Acting Workshop
150€  – total for accommodations Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.
OBSERVER level: no workshop fee added, just accomodation fee due.
**********MEALS are INCLUDED**********
(7 hot meals= Friday night Diner, and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday).

A variety of rooms are available at the Castle but space is limited and it’s on “a first come, first served basis”: 
4 large bedrooms with full size beds are available to COUPLES or a SINGLE PERSON can book the private room for an additional 30€  per night).
– The Castle has NUMEROUS SHARED ROOMS with separate beds.
– A large “dorm like” space is also available.
– You can also camp outside on the Castle grounds in one of the fancy large tents they have available (they sleep 2 people on cots, but sleeping bags are needed).
– If you don’t want to stay in the Castle the Workshop fee is 150 plus 70€ for the 7 meals we are serving at the Castle. There are various Hotels and Airbnb rentals in the area – but we are not involved in any other accommodation transactions or bookings.
Here’s the FILM ACTING Weekend schedule:

Friday, May 31st:
18:00 – 23:00 Welcome Dinner Party plus a Movie.

Saturday, June 1st (5 hours of Workshop time):
9:00 to 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 to 14:00 (4 hours) Both Acting levels participate together:
– warmup exercises (for the body)
– Improvisation exercises (for the mind)
– roundtable discussions about Film Acting vs Stage Acting.
– Everyone rehearsals the 2 to 3 minute long MONOLOGUE ON CAMERA. I give personalized notes to help develop the performance.
14:00  to 15:00 Lunch
15:00 to 17:00 The ADVANCED Actors will work on complex scripts with a scene partner for SCENE STUDY. Plus they are given an another scene to memorize overnight that will be filmed on Sunday morning.
(The BASIC level Actors are free to go for walks, hikes, swimming in the near by lake, enjoy a Sauna and the Hot Tub at the Castle or ride horses (for an additional fees – Actors can make their own arrangements with the Stable next door).
17:00 to 19:00 (2 hours) the BASIC Actors are together again to focus on Film AUDITION TECHNIQUE and COLD READING skills. (The ADVANCED Actors now have a fun time break)
20:00 to 23:00 Dinner and a Movie.

Sunday, June 2nd (4 hours of Workshop time):
9:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 14:00 Both Acting levels participate together:
– The ADVANCED Actors perform the MEMORIZED SCENES they worked on overnight ON CAMERA.
Everyone’s MONOLOGUES are filmed (monologue copies are given at no extra fee and sent via Dropbox).
14:00 -15:00 Lunch
15:00 to 17:00 A very limited number of Monologues can be filmed using professional lighting and microphones, with multiple takes during this time period for an additional 50€ fee.
18:00 – 23:00 the Goodbye Diner Party and a movie (some Actors will leave Sunday evening and others will stay until Monday morning)

– The fee is 100€ to hold a spot in the Workshop and reserve a room (see room details above) at the Castle.
– The final 150€ payment deadline is due no later than MAY 10th

You can register here on Instant Theatre Berlin’s website and we’ll pass your application to the organisers of the workshop:

I hope you will join me for this unique weekend of WORK and PLAY at the enchanted Schönow Castle.
Best wishes,
Aleta Chappelle
My website for more information:

More Castle Photos: