Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

Acting fundamentals 2022 – Summer intensive course in English – 3rd Edition

acting course at instant theatre berlin

Acting fundamentals 2022 – Summer intensive course in English – 3rd Edition

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SUNDAY+MONDAY+TUESDAY+WEDNESDAY, July 17-July 20, 2022. In English!
Summer acting course in Berlin.

Instant Theatre Berlin presents the 3rd Edition of our intensive summer acting course in Berlin aimed at exploring the fundamental acting principles in a supportive atmosphere within an international group. What are the basics that govern the actor’s performance? What are the basic skills that an actor has to know in order to make an impression on the audience and give reality to her performance?

This intensive course will give you a chance to work on your stage presence in relation to other actors, your surrounding stage reality, and the audience. We will be focusing on training practices that promote self-awareness and mindfulness, encouraging you to follow your internal creative impulses and “own” your performance, making it real for the audience. We will be exploring topics like stage presence, concentration and charisma.

In each of our intensive sessions, we will be working both as a group and individually, using acting exercises that explore creativity, presence, and emotional expression. We will use scripted dialogues and monologues to help us out in the process. The depth of the activities will be tailored on the quality and the experience level of the group. Our purpose in the summer intensive acting course is always to welcome a variety of actors from different backgrounds and experience level, in order to give them an opportunity to fully focus and improve their acting for a few days in an inspirational environment.
Read along for the schedule and the main focus of the daily sessions!

Sunday July 17, 10-2 pm (4 hours): intro, group work, scene work on stage.
Monday July 18, 7-10pm (3 hours): character work, stage language, scene work.
Tuesday July 19, 7-10pm (3 hours): work on emotions, script analysis, scene work.
Wednesday July 20, 7-10pm (3 hours): Improvisation work, filming of scenes and monologues, conclusion.


Alex Casadio @instanttheatreberlin

Alex Casadio, theatre instructor and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin.

Our Youtube Channel features videos and tutorials about a variety of acting topics! Visit us and get some answers about the most frequently asked questions about acting.

Frequently Asked Questions about the course

I have little or no acting experience, can I still join this course?
YES, as long as you are willing to challenge yourself and get to play with people who might have some acting experience already. If you feel intimidated by acting and in general you feel you still need to build up some self-confidence, you can refer to our First Steps in Acting program that is specifically designed to address these topics.

I have some previous acting experience, can I join?
YES, due to the variety and the structure of the activities, this class is suitable for all levels, from the more expert performers to the newcomers. We usually host a number of returning students from previous Instant Theatre projects as well.

Are there any trial classes for this course?
NO. The program is short and intensive, hence we need to use our time from the very beginning for our program. If you are not sure about joining, you can navigate our website to watch some TESTIMONIALS and get more info about what we do, or watch videos on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL! You can also show up at our venue in Berlin Wedding and see some of our shows. In short: we’ll bring the quality and the expertise, but you will have to bring the commitment from the start to the end of the project.

My English is not so good, can I still join?
YES. If you’re able to read the contents on this page, then your English will be good enough to join. Our participants come from all over the world and it’s not unusual for us in a group of 10 people to have 8-9 different nationalities (and accents) on board. It’s part of the nature of what we do, and we are proud of that!

I’m joining for professional reasons to work on public speaking, presentation skills and so on, is this course a good choice for me?
YES, however this project is centered 100% on acting and stage acting, so if you have no previous acting experience and you need advice about public speaking or presenting, you should book our 1:1 acting training programs. Our First Steps in Acting course is also a very good first step to improve your performative skills.

What if there’s a new lockdown and we cannot complete the live course? What are the COVID regulations?
We run our courses following the current health regulations, and we put up a Covid-prevention protocol that you’ll be requested to read before the beginning of the classes. Please get in touch for more info about this topic.

Acting fundamentals 2022 – 4-day Acting Workshop
4 intensive acting sessions (Sunday to Wednesday July 17-20, 2022 for a total of 13+ Hours)
Project duration: From Sunday July 17 to Wednesday July 20, 2022.
Location: 800A Berlin, Stettiner Strasse 19, 13357 Berlin
Early Bird price: 120€!
Full price: 160€
All Instant Theatre Actors get the Early Bird price!

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