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From January 2017. Part-time acting program in English (2x week, afternoon)

Acting program in English in Berlin

Instant Theatre Berlin presents a new part-time acting program starting in January 2017. The program is taught in English and aimed at students, actors and newcomers who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of acting techniques. This innovative acting program for internationals will allow people who do not have the time or resources to join a regular full-time acting school to get strong technical foundations in acting from a team of highly qualified teachers.

In the acting profession it is crucial to get the basics right from the very beginning. What differentiates a professionally trained actor from an amateur is first of all the quality of the movement on stage, the understanding and interpretation of scripts and roles, the ability to convey variety and unicity in every stage interaction. Together with this, an important element for the professional actor is the self-confidence and the trust in their own ideas and creativity. Just like all skills, these must also be trained and exercised regularly.

The Acting Program 1 is an introductory training program. No previous experiences in theatre or acting is required for admission. Students will still be required to maintain a good standard of commitment and professionalism, since the work in the program will be intensive. The activities will last 3 months (from January 2017) with 2-hour meetings twice a week in the afternoon, for a total 44 hours tuition. The program will consist of 3 Modules in which different acting subjects will be studied (Self Expression & Stage basics, Voice and text, Scene & stage work). The final part of the program will be dedicated to the preparation of a final performance to be shown at the end of the course.

Here is an overview of the activities covered in the program.

Module 1, Tuesdays. Self Expression & Stage basics. Trainer: Mr. Alex Casadio

Module 2, Thursdays. Voice and text work analysis. Trainer: Ms. Lauren Hart

Module 3, Tuesdays. Scene and stage work. Trainer: Mr. Alex Casadio

Performance preparation and presentation: Thursdays. Direction: Ms. Lauren Hart

The classes will be held at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3 to 5 PM. Official start of the Acting Program 1 is January 2017.

Two open promo sessions will be held in September in order for the students to meet the trainers and get more information about the activities and the subjects covered in the program. These sessions will consist of a few practical acting and group exercises and finish with a Q&A.


Alex Casadio Instant Theatre Berlin
Alex Casadio

Alex Casadio, acting trainer and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin. A trained actor and musician born in Bologna, Italy, he will be in charge of the “Self-Expression and Stage basics” as well as the “Scene work” Modules in the program. Alex’ work focuses mainly on creativity, individual stage presence and self-expression. As a director, Alex likes to make the group the centre of the stage creation, where every individual contributes with his strengths and skills to a common final result.

Lauren Hart
Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart is a theatre maker and performer from England. She graduated in 2007 from Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She has 10 years experience working as a teacher, educator and workshop facilitator. She has toured Europe extensively as a performer and she is and is a well-known one-to-one performer. She will be in charge of the “Voice & text work analysis” Module in the program and she will take care of training the group and developing the concept for the final performance in December 2016.

Promo dates:
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From January 2017
44 training hours, Tuesday & Thursdays 3-5 PM
Full price: 420€
Reduced: 390€

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