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Shakespeare NOW acting course


SHAKESPEARE NOW advanced acting course. LAST 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE!  Details HERE





PleaseBeKind Improv troupe in berlin3rd SHOW of OUR IMPROVISATION TROUPE:
PleaseBeKind feat. Misanthroprov! Saturday Feb 9, 8.30 pm @800ABerlin




First Steps in Acting

Jan-Mar 2016 / Oct-Dec 2016 / Jan-Mar 2017/ Apr-Jun 2017 / Oct-Dec 2017/ Jan-Mar 2018/ Apr-Jun 2018 / Sep-Nov 2018 / Jan-Mar 2019

acting course in English for beginners
“First steps in acting” course

In this course you will be introduced to some basic acting techniques and exercises, giving you a chance to discover and explore your physical, vocal and emotional expressiveness on stage. No previous experience required!

Scripts and Scenes!

Scripts and Scenes - Instant Theatre Berlin
“Scripts and Scenes” course

This course broadens the actors’ range of skills, delving deeper into movement and language-based character work. Take a look at some PICS form last year’s course and show: PICS

Summer impro Lab!

Intensive 5-day improvisation course

5-day intensive improvisation course in English

An intensive summer class aimed at exploring improvisation “in styles”. We’ll create original improvised stories on stage and we’ll analyze characters and structures in long-form improvisation.

Fundamentals of stage work

Intensive 5-day course. Based on movement and physical work

marcelina small
intensive 5-day workshop in English, Berlin

5 days of intense training. How to present a theatre show, which skills are necessary to become a complete performer, how to become “transparent” on stage.

Further steps in acting

Advanced acting course based on theatre scenes and short plays

2-month advanced acting course

A 2-month advanced acting course based on theatre scenes and one act plays (T.Williams, Checkov, Pinter & others). The first show for this format happened in Berlin on July 8, 2016.

Introduction to film acting & Film Acting Technique

Film acting workshop with Hollywood casting director Aleta Chappelle. Since 2016

Film acting workshop with casting director of F.Ford Coppola

Two-days intensive film acting workshop with Hollywood casting director Aleta Chappelle (F.Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Eddie Murphy, Joan Rivers) exclusive for Instant Theatre Berlin.

Switch your brain off!

3 months for the creation of an original theatre performance


A 3-month acting project to experiment and work on movement, collective work and how to bring authentic life to the action on stage. The first final performance for this format was presented in April 2016.

Improvisational Theatre 1

Introduction to theatrical improvisation

Introductory improvisation course in English

Instant Theatre Berlin’s introductory improvisation course centered on how to create scenes and stories on the spot and how to effectively use creativity on stage in front of the audience.