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Aleta Chappelle’s FILM ACTING Technique Workshop September 2018

Aleta Chappelle’s FILM ACTING Technique Workshop September 2018

Ms. Aleta Chappelle

Director & Casting Director Aleta Chappelle


Ms. Aleta Chappelle director of the hit comedy GOOSED starring Jennifer Tilly, who is also an award winning casting director that has cast films for Francis COPPOLA, Wim WENDERS, Roland EMMERICH and more – is returning to Berlin to teach her internationally acclaimed Film Acting Technique Workshops (in English). This 2-day workshop is designed for adult actors who want to develop additional skills and gain more confidence ON CAMERA. ALL ACTING LEVELS can benefit from the personalized attention Ms. Chappelle provides.

***Enrollment limited to 10 ACTORS during the 10 HOURS of intense study***

PLUS each Actor will be given a copy of their monologue for their ACTING REEL. The monologues will be filmed the following Monday or Tuesday at various locations around Berlin. Ms. Chappelle will also have a lighting/sound person assisting her as she directs each monologue toward a more PROFESSIONAL look.

Workshop Preparation:

Actors are asked to memorize a 2 to 3 minute long monologue. This will be a very important part of the overall workshop weekend, with each actor performing the monologue ON CAMERA numerous times until it’s ready for filming on location the following day.

Saturday workshop format:

1)    Open discussion: The difference between STAGE and FILM acting. What Casting Directors are looking for from Actors during AUDITIONS. How to move your acting career forward.

2)    Warm-ups for the BODY (stretching and breathing) and for the MIND (improvisation games).

3)    Actors preform their monologue  ON CAMERA. This allows Ms. Chappelle to evaluation each Actor’s FILM ACTING skill level. She then gives individualized attention to each Actor, as she coaches them toward what needs improvement and straightening.

4)    As a COLD READING exercise each Actors is given a few minutes to study a scene from a FILM SCRIPT with a scene partner. Then both actors perform the scene ON CAMERA and receive notes.

5) For the SCENE STUDY part of the Workshop. At the end of the day the actors is assigned a scene partner and a challenging scene to study overnight. They will then perform the scene ON CAMERA Sunday morning.

Sunday workshop format:

6) The focus of the workshop now shifts from audition technique to what is required of an Actors who has been hired and is ON SET. Ms. Chappelle will direct each actor toward delivering an authentic performance that goes beyond what is just written on the page, as they perform the scenes they studied overnight ON CAMERA. Also Improvisation technique is used to develop the characters deeper, while at the same time the actors must follow ON CAMERA performance rules.

7) Actors will rehearse their monologues again ON CAMERA, more notes are given and now the monologues will be ready for filming (the filming schedule and location will be worked out with each Actor on an individualized bases).

Saturday, September 15th – from 12:00 to 17:00 (5 HOURS)

Sunday, September 16th – from 12:00 to 17:00 (5 HOURS)

800A Berlin, Stettiner Strasse 19, 13357 Berlin

220€ – (1/2 the fee is due to hold a spot. The other 1/2 is due no later then September 1st)

TO REGISTER or for MORE INFORMATION contact Ms. Chappelle directly by email using the link below:

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