Each company is unique. Not only are companies different in terms of size, identity and business structure, but they also differ in terms of work pace and daily routine. It is indeed this difference that defines the “unicity” of each corporate reality. The quality of working life in a company is not only shaped by the day-to-day activities and the work atmosphere, but also by the nature and the effectiveness of the workflow. All these elements directly affect employees as well as managers in any work environment but…

Every company is also essentially a group of people, and because of that it’s possible to quickly generate positive changes in the interactions at work through appropriate guided sessions of collective activities and training.

Here you can find a description and a map of Instant Theatre Corporate Programs. Please use this form to request more information about personalised programs, workshops and sessions of activities for your company.

1) Building the team: self-expression, synergy and collaboration in work environments.

  • Creatively explore the working dynamics through fun games and simulations
  • Active exercises to enhance synergy and cooperation
  • Cooperate for common projects in teams to get shared achievements
  • Get every employee involved through sessions of guided socialization
  • Experience personal sharing, storytelling and clear communication
  • Have great fun at work and get involved in many intense and explorative activities
  • Discover a new personal way to interact positively with colleagues at work

Activities: collective games, improvisation, basic acting exercises, storytelling, socialization, plan-&-do team activities, collective activities, feedback and self-evaluation sessions.

Duration: 16-18 hours. In English

2) Communication at work: learn how communication works and how to use it to improve interactions

  • Active games and experiments to start working on communication
  • Learn and train listening skills
  • Discover non-verbal communication and alternative ways of communicate
  • Learn to adapt to different social situations and to compromise. Solve conflicts and interpersonal problems
  • Learn how to lead the conversation and how to become a powerful communicator
  • Test and improve your communication skills through fun and challenging collective activities!

Activities: Language & interaction games, basic theory behind communication, analysis of personalities and different styles, train conversational skills, use of humour, solve common communication problems.

Duration: 16-18 hours. In English