Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

Elements of performance – Intensive summer course 2nd edition (Jul 3-7, 2017)

Elements of performance – Intensive summer course 2nd edition (Jul 3-7, 2017)

5 days of intense training. What does it mean to present a theatre show? Which skills are necessary to become an actor/performer? How can we become “transparent” on stage? How to achieve trust and reliability as an actor? How to convince the audience to believe in you? During these 5 days, we’ll embark on a journey through the world of performing.

Every day we will explore different fundamentals of stage work. We will assist you to become aware of which skills are necessary to develop a theatre performance. Our aim is to give you the opportunity to experience all these elements and how they work together in creating the theatrical reality, a world that gives us a unique space to explore the diversity of creative process. In this 2nd edition of the workshop, we’ll travel again in an exploration of the pillars of theater work to discover its main elements: partnership, body, voice, character and presentation. Give yourself the chance to travel with us and have fun on the way, discovering the beauty that lies behind every performative act!

Summary of the 5 days:

Day 1. Partnership: Building the group, integration, cooperation, trust, comfort, awareness.

Day 2. Body: Discovering the potential of our bodies. Research on movements, sensuality and senses. Body in relation to room and space. Exploring the body according to rhythm, sound and music. Physical Training

Day 3. Voice: Power of your voice. How can we use our voice. Working with text and structure.Creating a story, building up dialogues and monologues. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Experimenting with text

Day 4. Character: Building up the stage character. Finding the balance between “me and the figure”. Working with emotions. My character in relation to others (audience and actors). Elementary stage work / presentation of the character. Ways to enter the unique world we created. How all character elements are working together.

Day 5. Presentation: Develop a theater scene. “fourth wall” and connection with the audience. Give up clichés and habits. Performance / Improvisation.



Marcelina Bozek, theatre educator, actress and performer.

Kristin Brechler

Kristin Brechler (assistant), yoga instructor, performer and actress.

Due to the variety and the structure of the activities, this class is suitable for all levels, from expert performers to newcomers. The course is held in English.

Elements of performance
5 intensive sessions (Monday to Friday July 3-7, 6-9 PM everyday)
Project duration: From Monday July 3 2017 to Friday July 7, 2017.
Meetings: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 6-9 PM @Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin.
Full Price: 135€
Discounted fee: 119€
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