Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

“FILM ACTING TECHNIQUE” WORKSHOP with ALETA CHAPPELLE in Berlin, August 12-13 2017 -FULL!!!!!—-

“FILM ACTING TECHNIQUE” WORKSHOP with ALETA CHAPPELLE in Berlin, August 12-13 2017 -FULL!!!!!—-

Ms. Aleta Chappelle

Director & Casting Director Aleta Chappelle

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Ms. Aleta Chappelle is returning to Berlin to teach her internationally acclaimed Film Acting Technique Workshops in English. These intensive workshops are designed for professional actors who want to refine and tune their ON CAMERA skills. In addition, this summer she is teaching an ADVANCED Film Acting Technique Workshop that is open to actors who have attended her workshops in the past.

No matter how much professional experience an actor has, I believe ON CAMERA skills can only be refined and developed by performing ON CAMERA. In the nonthreatening environment of my workshops actors are free to experiment, gain additional skills and develop more confidence in front of the camera. I challenge actors to perform complex scenes from film scripts, coaching them toward honest, imaginative acting choices, while at the same time asking them to deliver a technically proficient performance, which is appropriate for today’s International Film and Television Industries

Aleta Chappelle

Film Acting Workshop – Part #1 – Saturday August 12 2017
(Registration still possible!)

Class Preparation:
Actors are asked to memorize a 2 minute long monologue to present during the workshop. It can be comic or dramatic, from a film or a play, something they have performed before or new material. This will be a very important part of the overall workshop, with each actor performing his or her monologue ON CAMERA multiple times.

Part #1 Workshop Format:

  • Open discussion: The difference between STAGE and FILM acting. What casting directors are looking for during AUDITIONS. How best to move your acting career forward.
  • Warm-ups for the BODY (stretching and breathing) and the MIND (improvisation games).
  • Actors perform their monologue ON CAMERA. This allows for evaluation of each Actor’s FILM ACTING skills on an individualized bases. They are then coached toward areas that need improvement.
  • COLD READING skills are refined. Actors are given a few minutes to study short scenes from FILM SCRIPTS with a scene partner. Then both actors perform the scene ON CAMERA.
  • The monologues are performed ON CAMERA once more, reflecting newly expanded FILM ACTING skills. After multiple takes, the raw footage will be sent to the actor (via Dropbox) for their personal library or to be used in their acting reel.

Film Acting Workshop – Part #2 – Sunday August 13 2017. <—- This class is FULL!!!

(Open to actors who have taken the workshop before OR actors enrolled in the Part #1 Workshop who want to do both)

Part #2 Workshop Format:

  • Open discussion: What directors want from actors ON SET. The international casting market. How best to move your acting career forward.
  • Unlike the Part #1 Workshop the monologues will be assigned to each actor by Ms. Chappelle a few days before the workshop begins. The roles will be chosen based on her past experience of working with each actor during her previous workshops (students taking both workshops can use the same monologue from part #1 in the part #2 workshop). Having a history with each returning actor allows for assigning a role that will focus on the actors strengths and work toward overcoming any weaknesses.
  • In the Scene Study portion of the Advanced Workshop, actors are assigned highly challenging scenes to perform ON CAMERA with a scene partner. Shifting the focus toward developing raw, authentic performances beyond what is written on the page, using Improvisation as a way to dive deeper into the character, while at the same time following all the ON CAMERA rules:
    a) After a few run-throughs of the script as written, actors will improvise the scenes again using their own words.b) They will then improvise a scene that may have taken place before or after what is written in the original script.c) Multiple characters from various scripts will be combined to create group improvisation scenarios.
  • As in the past, each actor will perform the monologue ON CAMERA at the end of the workshop. After multiple takes, the raw footage will be sent to each Actor (via Dropbox) for their personal performance library or acting reel
Ms. Aleta Chappelle - Casting

A collection of films cast by Ms. Chappelle


Film Acting Technique Workshop with Director & Casting Director Aleta Chappelle

Part #1 – Saturday, August 12 2017, 11am-6pm  <— (FULL!!!)
Part #2 – Sunday August 13 2017, 11am-6pm  <— (FULL!!!)

Location: 800A Berlin , Stettiner Str. 19, 13357 Berlin

Inquiries and registration: please message

Fee: 170€ (14 hours, both days), OR 90€ (7 hours, one day). MAX 10 Participants per group. You can complete the payment via the PayPal links provided below OR contact Ms. Chappelle directly for alternative payments.

Payment for Part #1 workshop:  The class is FULL!!!
Payment for Part #2 workshop: The class is FULL!!!
Payment for both workshops: The class is FULL!!!

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  • Saturday Workshop
  • Sunday Advanced Workshop or
  • Both Workshops

Registration deadline: Friday, July 27 2017.

PLEASE NOTICE: This is an external event independent from Instant Theatre Berlin and it’s organized directly by Ms. Chappelle’s staff. For any info, question or clarification, please contact

Extended Bio:
Ms. Aleta Chappelle began her career in the film industry at Francis Ford Coppola’s ZOETROPE STUDIOS, where she assisted in the casting of THE OUTSIDERS, RUMBLE FISH, PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, and THE COTTON CLUB. She soon advanced to the level of Casting Director, with more then 25 feature film credits. A few of these credits include: GODFATHER 3, SOMEWHERE, DRUMLINE, NUTTY PROFESSOR, SISTER ACT 2, NEW YORK STORIES – ZOE, BOOMERANG, BEVERLY HILLS COP 2 and RAMBLING ROSE.
The CASTING SOCIETY of AMERICA nominated her for a Best Casting Award for two of the HBO films she cast: LIFE SUPPORT and INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE starring Halle Berry. She won a BLACK REEL and URBAN WORLD FILM FESTIVAL Best Ensemble Casting Award for the feature film MOOZ-LUM. The POCONO MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL presented her with the Lifetime Career Achievement in Casting Award in 2014.
Ms. Chappelle’s feature film directing debut was the hit comedy GOOSED starring Jennifer Tilly, Joan Rivers, Thomas Haden Church and Damon Wayans. The film was executive produced by her mentor Francis Ford Coppola. She has also directed several short films and documentary projects. Her most recent feature film ROMEO & JULIET IN HARLEM, has screened at film festivals from London to Los Angeles, and enjoys a record breaking educational distribution release.
For the stage Ms. Chappelle has numerous directing credits, including the Off, Off Broadway production of THE CONCEPT OF LOVE starring Julianna Margulies, the Off Broadway production of her original play THE MARY ELLEN PLEASANT STORY and for the Tivoli Shakespeare in the Park Festival ROMEO & JULIET and MACBETH. In 2005 she founded and continues to direct the HARLEM CHILDREN’S THEATRE.