Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

FILM ACTING Weekend Workshop in English! June 8-9, 2024!

FILM ACTING Weekend Workshop in English! June 8-9, 2024!

Film Acting Weekend Workshop in English! Saturday & Sunday June 8-9, 2024

A 2-day workshop on CAMERA ACTING.
SATURDAY and SUNDAY June 8-9 2024, from 9 am to 1 pm. In English!

Acting for film workshop in Berlin.

This workshop is RESERVED FOR ACTORS with some previous experience -typically in order to join you’d have taken part at least in our First Steps in Acting program. The reason is simple: as camera acting is a slightly different discipline from stage acting, it would be useful for you to already know how to act and express different attitudes and emotional states.


Feel free to reach out using the CONTACT FORM for any questions about the program!


This course is ideal for people who:

No. This program is directed to people with some previous acting experience.

The best thing for you is to get in contact and tell us about your previous experience. If you’ve already performed IN ENGLISH in public as an actress in a play or a theatre production in the past, you might be eligible for our film workshop. WE CAN INFORM YOU in case there are last-minute spots available.  Please use the CONTACT FORM.

A few days after the workshop, you’ll receive a copy of the filmed monologue we played at the workshop to use for your acting reel or website.

Most of the times YES, if you are a teenager. But your parent or
guardian MUST get in contact with us before and inform us of your
willingness to join. We might ask you to sign an agreement form. In
general, our classes are meant for adults, 18+ years old.