Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

FILM ACTING Workshop in English. Weekend June 8-9 2024

FILM ACTING Workshop in English. Weekend June 8-9 2024

Film Acting Weekend Workshop in English! Saturday & Sunday June 8-9, 2024

a cameraman filming two actresses

A 2-day workshop on CAMERA ACTING.
SATURDAY and SUNDAY June 8-9 2024, from 9 am to 1 pm. In English!

Acting for film workshop in Berlin.


Instant Theatre Berlin is proud to present the new Film Acting weekend Workshop, a 2-day journey into the world of film acting! This intensive and effective format is reserved to people who have some previous experience in acting or stage acting and want to discover how to act on camera.  In our film acting sessions, we’ll explore the main techniques for acting in front of the camera, as well as some subtleties and “tricks” to be more effective and avoid mistakes. At the end of the workshop, each participants will receive a professionally filmed copy of their filmed monologue to use it in their acting reel!

Structure and teaching style

At the beginning of our 2-day film acting workshop, we’ll talk about the main rules of camera acting and we’ll explain a few scenarios through some practical examples. Afterwards, it will be YOUR moment on camera! Each participant will perform a 1-minute monologue of their choice in front of the camera and we’ll make comments and adjustments, playing it on camera several times using different ideas and  styles. In the workshop we’ll be assisted by a camera professional throughout all the activities, and you’ll be able to follow the details of each performance on a TV screen connected to the camera!

In general, in the workshop we will have performative moments -playing your parts on camera- as well as observation moments, watching the others play.

Later in the first day you’ll rehearse a short 2-people scene that you’ll play on camera on the second day. In the end we’ll tape our monologues again, and each participants will receive a copy of their professionally filmed monologue to use for their acting reel.

The workshop is entirely in English and will take place at our venue 800A in Berlin, Germany.


Maximum 10 participants per workshop!

(Registration is only open on the website as long as there’s availability)

Registration to the Film Acting Weekend Workshop in English! Saturday & Sunday June 8-9, 2024

This course is RESERVED for PEOPLE from our previous classes! Feel free to get in CONTACT for any questions.

    Our acting exercises and formats are constantly updated, and the contents are designed specifically for each new group, but our original idea is always at the core of it: EVERYONE CAN ACT, because ACTING IS A NATURAL ABILITY that we all have. Just as everyone can “look good” on camera and perform effectively with the right guidance. This workshop is designed for actors with some previous experience -typically in order to join you’d have taken part at least in our First Steps in Acting program. The reason is simple: as camera acting is a slightly different discipline from stage acting, it would be useful for you to already know how to express different attitudes and emotional states.


    Alex instructor at our acting courses in Berlin
    Alex Casadio

    Alex Casadio, acting instructor and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin. He will be responsible for the acting part and for leading the workshop.

    Alejandro Sandoval Bertin

    Alejandro Sandoval Bertin, film maker and photographer. Acclaimed filmmaker from Colombia, Alejandro is active in Berlin since 2021 as a filmmaker and documentarist. At our workshop, Alejandro will be “the man behind the camera” and will direct the actors for the final filming of their pieces.

    This course is ideal for people who:

    Frequently Asked Questions about our film acting workshop

    NO. This program is reserved to people with previous acting experience. You’ll need to take our First Steps in Acting course first.

    YES. A big part of our initial work is focused on allowing you to get rid of your expressive blocks. We’ll work around the personal difficulties that we all have, so you’re definitely welcome to join and you’ll be in for a good experience.

    NO. The program is only 2-day long, so when you sign up you’ll have to make sure you can attend both days. If you’re unsure about signing up you can look at our TESTIMONIALS and get more info about what we do, or watch videos on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL! You can also come by at our venue in Berlin Wedding and see some of our shows. In short: we’ll bring the quality and the expertise, but you will have bring the commitment from the start to the end of the project.

    YES, as long as you prepare a monologue that is confortable enough to play and well memorised. Our participants come from all over the world and it’s not unusual for us in a group of 10 people to have 8-9 different nationalities (and accents) on board. It’s part of the nature of what we do, and we are proud of that!

    YES. Acting addresses many of these aspects naturally and in a creative way, so at the end of the course you’ll definitely be more relaxed and more self-confident on stage and in public. Still, if you need 100% focused and individual advice about public speaking or acting, you should book our 1:1 acting training programs. Our introductory course is certainly a very good first step to improve your performative skills.

    A few days after the workshop, you’ll receive a copy of the filmed monologue we played at the workshop to use for your acting reel or website or social media.

    Most of the times YES, if you are a teenager. But your parent or
    guardian MUST get in contact with us before and inform us of your
    willingness to join. We might ask you to sign an agreement form. In
    general, our classes are meant for adults, 18+ years old.

    2-day workshop 4 hours/day!
    Project duration: Saturday & Sunday June 8-9, 2024 from 9 am to 1 pm.

    Meetings and rehearsals: at 800A Berlin, Stettiner Strasse 19 13357 Berlin.

    EARLY BIRD ACTIVE NOW! EARLY BIRD 180€ for all actors from our previous courses. Regular price: 199€

    MAX 10 Participants per class.