Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

FIRST STEPS IN ACTING 13th Edition Introductory course April 2020

FIRST STEPS IN ACTING 13th Edition Introductory course April 2020

(START is POSTPONED to September 2020. More Info soon!)

acting course in English for beginners
“First steps in acting” course

Instant Theatre‘s introductory acting class is starting again – 13th Edition!! Discover and work on the basics of acting and present a final performance on stage with the group. Everyone can act! We all have it in us. This workshop will explore the basic concepts of acting, reacting and interacting authentically on stage.

We’ll focus on spontaneity, creativity and using our imagination on stage to create and play scenes and situations inspired by our personalities and by the group. The final part of the project will see us on stage, presenting a final show in front of an audience! We’ll focus on scripts and scenes from the very beginning, in order to start playing different roles right away! The activities covered by this course include: group and movement awareness exercises, exercises focused on self-expression and feelings, basics of stage language and stage movement, voice training, scene creation, exercises on spontaneity and interactions, basic character building.

This course is ideal for people who:

  • Want to explore acting to discover more about themselves

  • Want to learn to act, speak and react authentically on stage

  • Want to refine the basics of acting in an inspiring atmosphere

  • Want to get rid of shyness and nervousness in public and express themselves fully
  • Want to perform on stage in English and be part of an international group from all over the world

Learn the basics of acting and discover MUCH MORE about yourself


Alex Casadio @instanttheatreberlin

Alex Casadio, acting trainer and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin. He’s authored the acting manual …And Acting for all and he’s constantly refining his own acting teaching method based on natural behaviour. Alex founded Instant Theatre Berlin in 2013 and he’s active as an acting trainer, theatre director, improvisation coach and performer in the Berlin scene.

This class is suitable for all levels. No previous experience needed! In English

8 Weekly meetings (Mondays, 7-9 PM) + Final performance
Project duration: sessions from(START is POSTPONED to MAY 2020. More Info soon!)
Final performance: To be announced. The show will happen at our performance venue 800A in Berlin.
Meetings and rehearsals: Mondays, 7-9 PM at 800A Berlin, Stettiner Strasse 19 13357 Berlin.
Early Bird Price: 160€
Full price: 190€

How to get a discounted rate:
All Students & referrals from Instant Theatre Actors from previous courses and projects have access to the discounted fee. Students at a local University pay the Early Bird price. Follow the Early Bird offers in order to get the discounted price.

Max 10 participants!! —> IMPORTANT: This course is very often sold out. Please consider registering early.