Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.



Here you can find info on our past courses and previous projects. Our most relevant/recurring projects are highlighted!

First Steps in Acting

Jan-Mar 2016 / Oct-Dec 2016 / Jan-Mar 2017/ Apr-Jun 2017 / Oct-Dec 2017/ Jan-Mar 2018/ Apr-Jun 2018 / Sep-Nov 2018 / Jan-Mar 2019 / Mar-Jun 2019 / Sep-Dec 2019 / Jan-Mar 2020 / Aug-Oct 2020 / Jul-Aug 2021 / Oct-Dec 2021 / Jan-Mar 2021 /

acting course in English for beginners

“First steps in acting” course

In this course you will be introduced to some basic acting techniques and exercises, giving you a chance to discover and explore your physical, vocal and emotional expressiveness on stage. No previous experience required: everyone can act!

IMPROVISATIONAL COMEDY WORKSHOP: Play to live, live to play with Brian Kapell
April – June 2019

Brian Kapell Comedyshorts Berlin8-week Improvisational Comedy course in English for all levels with Comedysportz co-founder Brian Kapell. Includes a final show.

SHAKESPEARE NOW! Intro to performing The Bard

english shakespeare course berlin

Advanced 10-week course focused on Shakespeare roles and monologues. With director and performer Jahman Davine.

Switch off your brain!

Jan-Mar 2016 / Jan-Mar 2017 / Oct-Dec 2017/ Oct-Dec 2018

Switch off your brain: from October 2017FOR ADVANCED!!! A 10-week acting project for a group to develop an original theatre performance using devising theatre techniques, improvisation on stage and collective work.

Intro to Zen Acting – Summer intensive weekend workshop (August 2018)

Intro to Zen Acting

Instant Theatre Berlin presents a new intensive summer weekend workshop aimed at exploring Zen Acting, a new approach that starts from the inner life of the performer. What if we could use constant focus on ourselves to play every scene and every role at its best?

ACTING FUNDAMENTALS – Summer intensive acting course (July 2018 // July 2019)

Switch off your brain: from October 2017

An intensive summer course aimed at exploring the fundamental acting principles. Focus on the basics that govern the actor’s performance. One week, 20 hours of acting work.

ADVANCED CHARACTER and SCRIPT WORK (2 groups, Apr-Jun 2018)

Instant Theatre Berlin -

Advanced course on character & script work, focused on building a coherent and holistic character, centered in the character’s reality (on stage as well as off stage). Taught by actress & acting coach Ariane Fuchs.

Acting Technique 101 – Acting lab (JAN-MAR 2018 // OCT-DEC 2019 // Feb-Apr 2020 // Jan-Mar 2021)

Instant Theatre Berlin -

Acting Technique 101 is a new format/course focused on exploring acting technique from all angles. Taught by Instant Theatre Berlin founder Alex Casadio.

Self-awareness and stage presence for the actor (July 2017)

self awareness acting lab in Berlin

Working on stage presence in regards of other actors, surrounding stage reality, and the audience. We investigated deeply the concepts of self-awareness and charisma, in order to find a personal way to incorporate these elements in our performance.

Scripts: Edgar Lee Masters (April-June 2017)

new acting courses in English 2017

Creating a character-based performance from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. Final show on June 17, 2017.

 Film acting workshop with Aleta Chappelle (F. Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Eddie Murphy, Wim Wenders, Roland Emmerich)

Feb 2017 / Feb 2018 / Feb 2019

Ms. Aleta Chappelle

This intensive 2-day film acting workshop is ideal for actors who want to refine their ON CAMERA skills. With over 25 feature film casting credits, Miss Chappelle has been the casting director for numerous top directors: Sofia Coppola, Roland Emmerich, Paul Schrader, Wim Wenders, Osmond Karim, Bill Duke, Keenan Wayans, Tony Scott and she has cast 6 feature films for Martha Coolidge.
Day #1 – Securing a Film Job
Day # 2 – Your First Day On Set