Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

1:1 Acting training IN-PERSON and ONLINE

We are proud to present a series of online individual acting programs designed for you to become better act*rs and improve your acting in a short time and effectively! If you couldn’t find a spot in our groups yet, or you are a professional looking to learn acting skills for your job, our 1:1 Acting Training Programs in English are the perfect choice for you!

CAPACITY INFO: We are accepting new individual students now! Full-cycle bookings will have priority. Our long-term 1:1 students can keep working with us at the same conditions.

Together with the typical benefits of  1 on 1 training (flexible scheduling, easy access from home if online), you’ll get the chance to experience the effectiveness of individual acting training. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced actor, you’ll see great improvement in a short time if you choose our individual programs.

Most of our training programs are organized in series of 4 sessions. You can always take the first session and then decide if you wish to proceed to the rest of the course! Below you’ll find a summary of our programs and all details about booking.


Individual training offers a more intensive and focused experience than group classes. Each cycle of sessions revolves specifically around the student’s needs. The first step is always to assess what the student wants to achieve, in order to get real and visible improvements in a short time. The 60-minute (IN-PERSON or online) acting coaching sessions can be tailored to your specific needs after a short assessment. You can start by identifying the area of acting you want to focus on by selecting one of the following Programs. Any questions? Feel free to CONTACT US.







As a beginner actor there are many aspects to cover, and the first thing to do is to evaluate your starting point and your natural qualities. The sessions are focused on practising dialogues with the trainer as well as short monologues, working on basic aspects of expression, emotion, pacing. We’ll explore different ways of communicating and behaving and we’ll address the most common beginner’s mistakes in order to improve.


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: You’ll learn how to perform scripted dialogues and short monologues in a realistic and organic way. You’ll learn the basics of acting, you’ll learn how to speak clearly and you’ll learn how to work on your natural personality in order to expand your acting range and improve.



DURATION: ALL PROGRAMS consist of 4 individual sessions of 60 minutes in-person (or online over Skype or Zoom depending on availability)






In this program we’ll explore different aspects of camera acting. The focus will be to make you able to produce a strong and convincing performance in front of the camera in the shortest possible time.

If you’re a complete beginner, we’ll address how to behave naturally when filmed, as well as some basic acting concepts (reactions, listening, realistic acting).
If you already have some acting background, we’ll transfer your knowledge to the “language” of the camera in order to adjust and tone your reactions and your performance, with particular attention to your expression and your ways of reacting and expressing emotions. This Program focuses on many technical aspects: working on your angles, on your facial expressions, on your peculiarities as an actor, and how to optimize your interaction with the camera.


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: At the end of this Program, you’ll be a stronger performer in front of the camera, and you’ll know what to do in order to get the best performance when you record monologues for the camera or go to film auditions. If you’re a theatre actor already, you’ll know how to change and shape your performance when you work with the camera.


WHO IS IT FOR? This Program is for ALL PROFESSIONALS who need to develop acting skills in order to better perform at their daily jobs (teachers, sales people, team or group leaders, tech people and so on).

If you need to work on your communication skills or on your presentation skills for your job, or you need to work on your natural self-expression to improve your performances at work and in your daily life, this one’s for you. You can choose to work mainly on “acting related” material, such as scripts or dialogues, or we can integrate professional contents directly related to your job (i.e. your presentations). At the sessions we’ll address both acting topics (speech clarity, rhythm, style of performance), as well as behavioural topics (self-perception, body language, movement), so you’ll get all the tools to improve your performances at work.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: You’ll learn how to effectively change your behaviour when needed, and you’ll learn how to apply specific techniques to your communication. You’ll become aware of the most common mistakes and you’ll learn strategies to avoid them. You’ll also learn how to evaluate your own behaviour and how to make adjustments depending on the circumstances.


Alex Casadio @instanttheatreberlin

Alex Casadio, acting trainer, director and founder of Instant Theatre Berlin. A trained actor and musician born in Bologna, Italy, over the years he worked with hundreds of actors, students and professionals. He’s constantly refining his own teaching method focused on acting as a natural behaviour. Alex founded Instant Theatre Berlin in 2013 and he’s active as a trainer, theatre director and performer in the Berlin scene.

Booking details

The 60-minute individual training sessions take place in person in Berlin at our location or online over Skype or Zoom (depending on availability). The sessions can be scheduled during the day on weekdays according to your schedule. The sessions of a Program can be scheduled once a week or twice a month, depending on requirements.
The price for each Program is 199€.
You can also buy a trial session for any program. Please notice that sessions will be scheduled upon availability, and that customers who bought the full packages will have priority in the schedule. 

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You can go ahead and BOOK A PROGRAM using the form and the Paypal button below. We’ll then get in contact with you and schedule the session. Alternatively, you can write a message using the contact form and we’ll get in touch.

IMPORTANT: The time slots for individual sessions are LIMITED! Your session will be scheduled only after your payment reaches us.

Individual Acting Training Program - 4 Sessions

*We support payments with Credit Card or Paypal.. You can change your payment method below by clicking CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD. All-inclusive price of 199€ for a package of 4 individual sessions of 60 minutes (49.90€/session).

    1:1 Training - Trial Session

    You can buy a trial session for any program at the price of 59€. Please notice that sessions will be scheduled upon availability, and that full-package customers will have priority in the schedule. You can change your payment method below by clicking CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD.