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Voices from our courses

These short interviews were recorded at the end of our First Steps in Acting show back in 2016. I am very fond of this clip, as it reminds me of many nice people I’ve worked with in the past, as well as of our previous location in Berlin Friedrichshain, where I used to work before creating our venue 800A. Thanks a lot to Ariane, my co-trainer at the time, and to Annachiara, who filmed this, as well as to all the students in the clip.

Performance “Switch your brain off!”

A nice memory from our 2016 performance “Switch your brain off!”. Together with the group, we developed an original performance plot around the topic of Memories, and we had the chance to perform it in front of a full house on the main stage of Theaterhaus Berlin. Many actors in this clip are still actively involved in artistic productions in Berlin and elsewhere. Thanks a lot to Marcelina Bozek, co-trainer and co-director in this project, and to Annachiara Gislimberti, who filmed this, as well as to all the performers in the clip.