1:1 Training

Beside our regular courses, our trainers are also available for 1:1 acting training and private sessions. A typical individual training session will last 55 minutes, or longer if our trainer is working with a small group. Individual training is most effective if its purposes are clear and well-defined from the beginning. As Instant Theatre Berlin, we offer individual training in the following areas:

Basic acting coaching and orientation for beginners
If you’re just starting, the best way to get to know acting and what you can do with it is taking part to our regular courses. However, if you are only available for a short time or you need some vocational 1:1 acting training right away, we also offer individual introductory sessions.

Preparation for auditions and acting exams
For all levels. We can help you prepare your monologue and your scenes for admission to acting schools or universities (mainly English speaking institutions, but we also have proficiency in other languages and knowledge of other educational systems. Just get in touch)

Preparation for OPERA auditions
We offer individual training to Opera singers to work on their dramatic presence on roles. We have extensive classical music knowledge and, in addition to the acting, we can help you with diction and articulation in Italian, French and German. Please get in contact to discuss the details and the purpose of your training.

Camera acting for film
Individual camera acting training for all levels is available upon request. However we recommend you take part to our film workshops and courses when they come up.

Acting and expression on camera (for professional purposes, teaching, Youtube, vlogs…)
Individual coaching focused on expression, articulation, clarity, and creation of a personal style while talking to the camera.

Training for speech disorders
We offer sessions focused on correction of speech disorders and issues. Get in touch for more personalised information.

Advanced acting coaching for roles and jobs
We can help you practice on a role of a script of your choice for professional or educational purposes.

Details and costs

The individual coaching sessions take place at our location, but we can also arrange training sessions at other locations upon request. The duration, the specifics and the costs of the training are arranged individually with the students and they’re usually regulated by a hourly fee. Agreeing on a mini-program of 3 or 5 sessions beforehand will often guarantee cheaper rates. Students are eligible to reduced rates. Please use the form below to request information and book a 1-on-1 training session.

For companies

A company is essentially a group of people, and our practice shows how it’s possible to generate quick and positive changes in interactions through appropriate guided sessions of collective activities and training.
In collaboration with our partners at Instant Improv Berlin, we offer the following ongoing corporate programs:

1) Building the team. Self-expression, synergy and collaboration in work environments

  • Creatively explore work dynamics through fun games and simulations
  • Active exercises to enhance synergy and cooperation
  • Cooperate for common projects in teams and get shared achievements
  • Get every employee involved through sessions of guided socialization
  • Experience personal sharing, storytelling and clear communication
  • Have fun at work and get involved in many intense activities
  • Discover a new personal way to interact positively with colleagues at work

    Duration: 16-18 hours. Individual rates. In English

2) Communication at work. Learn how communication works and use it to improve interactions

  • Games and exercises to work actively with communication
  • Learn and train how to effectively listen to others
  • Explore non-verbal communication and alternative ways of communicate
  • Learn to adapt to different social situations and to compromise. Solve conflicts and interpersonal problems
  • Learn how to lead the conversation and how to become a powerful communicator
  • Test and improve your communication skills through fun and challenging collective games!

Duration: 16-18 hours. Individual rates. In English

It is also possible to book our instructors for one-off team building events (i.e. fun corporate Improvisation workshops or short acting seminars). Let us know what you need in the form below.


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