Instant Theatre Berlin is an independent project active since 2013 in Berlin, Germany. We use our original acting training method based on self-expression, interactions and the teaching of acting as a natural behaviour.

VIDEO: 9 Tips to improve your Acting!

VIDEO: 9 Tips to improve your Acting!

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9 Tips to improve Acting by yourself at home!

This video contains 9 tips to improve your acting by yourself, away from acting classes, and on a day-to-day basis. You are the actor… and you’ll always be your best teacher! Use these strategies, these acting exercises and acting techniques to practice acting at home and in your ordinary life, whenever you are in the right mindset, and you will see big improvements in your acting. Remember our motto, everyone can act! 🙂

I developed these exercises to practice acting over the years following the ideas, the methods and acting techniques that I created at Instant Theatre Berlin. My acting techniques are often based on natural behavior, since for me acting was always a natural ability that we all have in ourselves. But a big part of these acting tips revolves around the use of Imagination! Being able to imagine, visualize and create different circumstances and different characters is at the core of every acting technique. Surprisingly, there are a lot of very simple exercises you can do to awaken your natural imagination skills. I hope this video can inspire you to improve your acting by yourself on a daily basis!

You can watch our popular video “9 Tips to Improve your Acting” on Youtube at this link in order to explore this topic and learn new ways to improve as an actor. Good luck!
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